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Where do the last mock drafts project for Lynn Bowden and Logan Stenberg?

Some favorable projections in terms of landing spots for these former Cats.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft is set to take over the rest of this week with not much else going on. I think the Big Blue Nation all have the same question... “Where will Lynn Bowden and Logan Stenberg be drafted?”

With everyone pondering over the same question, we thought we would let you know where these guys are landing on the final mock drafts.

After taking a dive into these mock drafts, I have realized that Kentucky fans can just sit back and relax on Day 1, as neither two wildcats will be drafted on the first night and possibly even night two, as the NFL breaks up the draft over three nights.

Night one will be the 1st round, night two will be the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and Day 3 will be the remainder of the draft. Most of the mock drafts we look at here have both Stenberg and Bowden in the 4th round, but I personally believe with Lynn’s explosiveness and Stenberg’4s raw talent, that won’t be the case.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get into the mock drafts, I would like to put some attention where some landing spots are that I would like to see these players end up. For Lynn, I would love for him to end somewhere with an exciting and daring coach that isn’t afraid to use him in multiple positions. Maybe the Patriots or even the Eagles. I would just love to see Lynn used in multiple ways and I believe he will be.

As far as Logan goes, I would love him to end up with the Baltimore Ravens as they lost future ‘Hall of Famer’, Marshal Yanda at guard to retirement ,and Stenberg could come in and compete right away. Stenberg also fits the mauling offensive lineman personality that the Ravens are trying to replace. I would love to see Logan play for a winning team, and the Ravens have a bright future. Watch the Ravens in the third and fourth rounds as they hold multiple picks.

Here is where all the last mock drafts sit for the Kentucky guys:

Sports Illustrated

4th round-125th pick- Patriots - Lynn Bowden

4th round-118th pick- Broncos- Logan Stenberg

CBS Sports

4th round-145th- Eagles- Lynn Bowden

4th round- 138th Chiefs- Logan Stenberg

4th round - 130th- Saints- Lynn Bowden

3rd round- 92nd- Baltimore -Logan Stenberg

5th round - 171st- Texans - Lynn Bowden

5th Logan 174th- Titans- Logan Stenberg

It is safe to say that on days two and three of the draft, we will all be glued to our phones or TV waiting to see who gets these exceptional draft picks out of Lexington.

No matter where they end up, just know the stories and personal struggles that both individuals have faced. I think the BBN will be static for both. I wish the best of luck to the both of them.

Missouri v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Lastly, Kentucky needs to watch as former stand outs, Calvin Taylor and Amhad Wagner will try to either find their way into the late rounds of the draft or will be signed as undrafted free agents.