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Not-so-good update on Matt Haarms

Haarms is trending away from Lexington.

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

All of the buzz this week has been in favor of the Kentucky Wildcats landing Purdue transfer Matt Haarms.

But like any kind of college recruiting, there’s no such thing as a done deal, even if it was starting to feel that way leading into Thursday’s decision from Haarms, who is down to Kentucky, BYU and Texas Tech.

KSR’s Matt Jones says it’s time to pump the brakes on assuming Haarms picks Kentucky tomorrow. In fact, Jones says Haarms is likely trending away from Kentucky.

If what Jones is saying has legs to it, then perhaps Haarms is having second thoughts about going to Kentucky. There’s just been to much pro-UK buzz publicly and behind the scenes to think Haarms wasn’t at least favoring Kentucky as of Tuesday, so perhaps he’s starting to get cold feet.

If Haarms were to end up somewhere other than Lexington, the next best frontcourt transfer available is VCU forward Marcus Santos-Silva. Kentucky hasn’t reached out to him yet, but that would almost certainly change if Haarms doesn’t pick Kentucky on Thursday.