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Kentucky Dad Pod Episode 4 with Bradley McKee

Think you know someone as cool as Bradley? You don’t.

Bradley McKee

The Kentucky Dad Pod kept it rolling this week with Bradley McKee joining me for Episode 4. I was excited about recording this one because Bradley was my first guest who I actually had some form of a previous relationship with.

Back in the day, we both played basketball (him much more than me) at Spalding University here in Louisville, so I’ve had the privilege of getting to know him over the last 15 years or so.

We’ve shared some exciting and depressing times covering the Cats together. I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Bradley as Chance Poore’s kick just missed and the Cats fell to Florida in heartbreaking fashion last season. Below is me and a pic of me and the back of Bradley’s head late in the fourth quarter of that game.

These were happy times when it looked like the Cats were going to make it two in a row over the Gators

However, I’ll never forget our time together in Charlotte covering the Belk Bowl and one of the best games in UK football history, then again in Rupp Arena when Kentucky bested Louisville inside Rupp Arena. I took the video below and you can see directly in front of me as Bradley gets video of Ashton Hagans before the L’s down parade started.

Before recording this episode, I was aware that he had twin 11-year-old boys, Ashton and Reece, I’ve even met them a few times. I also knew that he recently married the love of his life, Anna, back in October. But along the way, I learned quite a bit and even heard one incredible story for the first time.

As if all of his responsibilities at home aren’t keeping him busy enough, I’m sure that at some point you’ve also enjoyed the tremendous work that Bradley does over at Kentucky Sports Radio. Known for his audio/video prowess, over the years he’s developed a reputation for connecting with players on a more personal level and creating engaging content with both current and former Kentucky Wildcats.

I maintain my stance that Bradley McKee is probably the coolest dude in the media and someone that just about everyone admires and respects. You can always find him with a huge smile on his face and some fresh kicks on his feet.

Most recently, he’s been catching up with several Kentucky players from the past via Zoom and learning about their COVID-19 experience across the globe. He’s posted videos with Derek Willis, Kyle Wiltjer, and Tony Delk to just name a few.

You can find those videos on Kentucky Sports Radio or by visiting his Youtube page.

But long before he had a family and worked in the media, Bradley was getting buckets in the 10th Region playing for Fleming County back in the late 90s. Since then, Fleming County has moved to the 16th Region, but the legend of Bradley McKee hasn’t went anywhere.

It was revealed on the Kentucky Dad Pod that not only did he play in two KHSAA Sweet 16s while in high school, he even made a game-winning shot back in 1998 to send his team to Rupp Arena. His team would advance all the way to the semifinals before losing to a historic Paintsville team that was lead by Todd Tackett and 1998 Mr. Basketball J.R. Van Hoose.

That game-winning shot to win the 10th Region prompted what was called “BRADLEY MCKEE DAY” in Fleming County!

A young Bradley McKee getting buckets for Fleming County

Major props to Bradley for being humble about such an impressive athletics accomplishment because I’m confident that I’d be looking for any reason imaginable to tell that story to anybody who’d listen. Wouldn’t you?

I didn’t need to record the Kentucky Dad Pod with Bradley to learn that he is a wonderful father. Just about every conversation we have will somehow revert back to our kids and what’s happening in their lives. I know that he wants to spend every possible moment that he can with them and setting a good example is a code that he lives his life by.

It’s also a safe bet to assume that Ashton and Reece are destined to be good athletes like their father, so it’s a good thing they have someone in their corner to help navigate the challenges of life. They also think their Dad working for Kentucky Sports Radio is pretty freaking cool too!

Here are a few of the topics we hit on episode four.

  • Parenting twin boys and keeping them busy during quarantine
  • Nobody eats better than Bradley does
  • Father figures in his life
  • A game-winning shot to send his team to the KHSAA Sweet-16?
  • Catching up with former Wildcats via zoom

I hope you’ll check it out and a sincere thank you to Bradley McKee for taking time to join me on the Kentucky Dad Pod. If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following him @Bradley_B_Roll and Kentucky Dad Pod @KentuckyDadPod