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Wednesday Quickies: Lynn Bowden Rule Edition

The NCAA made a rule based off of the Lynn Bowden-Virginia Tech altercation

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a new college football rule, and it might as well be called “The Lynn Bowden Rule.”

The new rule gives officials jurisdiction 90 minutes before kickoff as opposed to 60. Of course, this comes after the Belk Bowl, where Bowden infamously punched a Virginia Tech player outside of the 60-minute window.

If this rule had been in place, Bowden likely would have been ejected from the game. Here is what the NCAA wrote in a press release announcing the rule change.

Concerned about negative interactions between teams before officials are required to be on the field, the panel approved a rule that game officials’ jurisdiction of the contest begins 90 minutes before kickoff, instead of the current 60 minutes. Another part of the proposal calls for a coach to be on the field during pregame warmups when players are present, and all players are to be identified by number.

It seems pretty clear that the NCAA wants to avoid a similar situation arising again, so this seems like a good rule change.

This wasn’t the only rule change that the NCAA made for college football, beginning next season. Other changes will allow ejected players to remain on the sideline and providing guidelines for officials to complete reviews in less than two minutes.

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