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ESPN’s Jay Bilas weighs in on Cats’ NBA prospects

Bilas was critical of one “curious decision.”

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

All five of the Kentucky Wildcats starters from the 2019-20 season have now declared for the NBA Draft.

In an interview with Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader ESPN’s top color commentator, Jay Bilas, broke down each of the soon to be NBA Cats and weighed in on their decisions.

To no surprise, Bilas agreed that guard Tyrese Maxey made the right choice to declare saying, “I think he’s a top-10 pick.”

He also agreed the time was right for Nick Richards to declare saying, “It’s time for him to go because he is what he’s going to be as a college player and it may not serve that much of a purpose to come back for another year.”

Bilas is also very high on Immanuel Quickley, saying, “Quickley’s got a very good opportunity to be a terrific NBA player because he can shoot it.”

On Ashton Hagans, Bilas was a bit more skeptical “I think he’s got to improve his decision-making. But, he’s a good prospect. There’s a lot of players that go into the league as young players. As they mature, they become more efficient and really learn how to play better.”

The one player Bilas was hard on was EJ Montgomery, who declared for the draft after two mediocre seasons at Kentucky.

Bilas said it was a “curious decision from my seat,” He added, “I don’t remember the last player that averaged six points a game and five rebounds that I thought was making a good decision.”

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