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Immanuel Quickley discusses the final moments of Kentucky’s season

It was a stunning day for fans and players across the country.

Quickley Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Here we are in April and it has been almost six weeks since that very stunning, disappointing, and frustrating day when the SEC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament were both canceled due to the Coronavirus.

We as fans of the sport thought it was a difficult time as the best time of the year was no longer going to happen, but it was even worse for the players that had put so much hard work and time into the season for that postseason push.

On Thursday, the SEC Player of the Year Immanuel Quickley went on Aaron Torres’ podcast to talk about a number of things about his two seasons in Lexington.

Torres wrote about his lengthy interview with Quickley on Kentucky Sports Radio.

Among the discussion with Torres, Quickley talked about those final hours in a Kentucky uniform and how the team arrived in Nashville ready for the SEC Tournament, only to find out it wasn’t going to be happening at all.

“There was a day where everything was normal,” Quickley said on the podcast. “Then we went to next day where they were going to play without fans, and then we traveled and the next day they said we might not be playing the games that night, and then we got to the shoot around and we were told that we weren’t going to be playing at all. And everybody’s hearts were kind of broken.”

A few weeks ago, coach Cal talked about how the team played pick-up when they got back and once it was over some of them started crying because they knew their ride together was over.

Quickley talked about that exact moment.

“When we got back we immediately played pick-up, we just loved playing with each other. That’s another thing we had, we liked playing with each other, we liked hooping with each other, so we played pick-up as soon as we got back. A couple guys cried in the locker room knowing it was going to be our last moment together.”

The last two years have been interesting and very eventful for Immanuel Quickley but his jump from freshman year to sophomore year shows how important one more year college can be when you’re trying to get ready for the league.

Quickley turned into the best player in the SEC which led to him winning SEC Player of the Year and hopefully he will turn this into a long and successful professional career.

You can listen to the entire interview with Quickley here.