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Nsine ‘Wooga’ Poplar drawing interest from Kentucky

Say that five times fast.


The Kentucky Wildcats have a new recruiting target to keep track of in 2021.

According to Shawn Smith of Big Blue Country, Kentucky has reached out to guard Nisine ‘Wooga’ Poplar.

Yes, that is someone’s actual name. I thought for sure it was fake when I first saw it, but, against all odds, it turned out to be 100% real life.

Anyhow, Poplar plays at Math Civics & Sciences High School in Philadelphia (PA) and is a 6-5, 175-pound shooting guard. He also does have offers from Auburn and Virginia Tech among the above mentioned schools.

Poplar doesn’t have an evaluation or ranking at any of the major recruiting sites, so it’s safe to say he’s very much an under-the-radar prospect right now. Unfortunately, he may not get any chances to change that with no recruiting events upcoming due to COVID-19. Perhaps Poplar was someone to breakout on the recruiting circuit and rise up the rankings, but with no such AAU taking place, he won’t get the chance to do so.

Here are some highlights of Poplar in action:

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