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NBA establishing guidelines on 2020 NBA draft process, per report

It looks like the new draft rules are being put in place.

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The 2020 NBA Draft is scheduled to begin on June 25th. Many believe that it is likely to be postponed.

As of right now, that is really all we know for sure about the process. But according to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports, more guidelines are being passed down about how to handle the player assessment process during this pandemic.

There is a push by many, especially John Calipari, to delay the decision date (currently May 29th) for college players to withdraw from the draft. That would certainly give them a better chance to make an informed decision. But in order for players to receive information, NBA executives have to gather information about potential draft picks.

According to Rothstein, he is hearing that there will be no in-person workouts at all moving forward, in any location. Based on current social distancing guidelines, you would think that would be the case. But since there is potentially a rule about it, then you have to think it is happening somewhere.

He went on to say that there should be no videos of workouts to be shared that were or will be filmed after April 6th. That limits the activity of players moving forward, and will certainly benefit those that have videos before that point. Otherwise, executives will have to base their opinions on many players from game film.

The last guideline limits the amount of time to be used for video interviews. According to Rothstein, no team will be able to meet with a single player for more than two hours in one week, and the total limit per player will be four hours.

In some ways, this seems very limiting in a lot of different ways. However, all of these guidelines encourage socially appropriate behavior and encourage a focus on health for all involved. And it is certainly better to have rules in place during this time to give guidance to teams and players so they will know what to expect.

What do you think about these potential guidelines?