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UK has reportedly addressed the Ashton Hagans cash video

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Not a good look by Hagans, but it doesn’t sound like anything will come of it.

Hagans Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

Recently, Kentucky point guard Ashton Hagans posted a video of himself holding a large amount of cash, raising concern as to how he got the money and if any potential NCAA violations occurred.

As it turns out, a UK spokesman told Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal that the video is dated and has already been addressed by the school.

According to KSR’s Matt Jones, the video in question was posted a few weeks ago, so it obviously didn’t result in UK finding any NCAA violations having occurred, as Hagans played in last Saturday’s win over Auburn, as well as Tuesday’s loss to Tennessee.

Hagans did not travel with the team for Saturday’s win over Florida due to what was called personal reasons. That came after Hagans refused John Calipari’s request to enter the game in the second half of that loss to Tennessee.

It’s not great that this is all coming out right before the postseason, but unless there’s a new development, it looks like Hagans will return to the team and play in the SEC Tournament next week.