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Kentucky benefits from rule change stemming from loss to LSU in 2019

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A rule change that Kentucky caused comes back to help them in the win over Florida.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats were on the verge of getting blown out in Gainesville after falling behind by 18 with 11:55 left in the game.

However, these Cats never quit and slowly started making a comeback and with 27 seconds to play, Kentucky had the ball trailing 70-69.

Keion Brooks drove in, but his shot came off the rim and EJ Montgomery tipped it back in for what would give Kentucky the 71-70 lead.

The officials initially waived off the basket for offensive interference, but due to a new rule, they went to the monitor to review it.

If you remember last year, Kentucky lost at home to the LSU Tigers on a last-second tip-in that should’ve been waived off because the ball was still on the rim. But at that point, there were no monitor reviews allowed for goaltending and basket interference.

Due to that game, the NCAA changed the rule so that officials can review those plays if the goaltending violation is called. That is most likely the reason they initially called it so they could review it.

After review, it was obvious that the ball was off the rim and they counted the basket that would end up being the game-winner.

It was a play that made a lot of us mad last season, but without that controversial ending against LSU, Kentucky wouldn’t have been on the right side of that call today.

Relive the wild finish with Tom Leach on the call below.

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