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Joe Lunardi still has Kentucky on the verge of a 2 seed

Shockingly, the sky isn’t falling.

Hagans, Richards Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

When the Kentucky Wildcats hosted Tennessee on Tuesday, they had a great chance to solidify their case for a 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Unfortunately, UK would fall to the Vols and suffer a Quadrant II loss in the process, which could be very costly this late in the season.

But while that loss was a painful setback, it did not kill UK’s hopes of being a 2 seed when it’s all said and done, at least according to ESPN’s Joe Lunardi.

Following Wednesday’s games, Lunardi released an updated seed ranking on Twitter, and it has UK ranked No. 9, one spot shy of a 2 seed. He also has the Wildcats in the Midwest Region with Kansas (1), Louisville (2), Colorado (6) and New Mexico State (14) in terms of a potential path to the Final Four.

That’d certainly be a tough region for the Wildcats to make it out of, so hopefully they can win out and get on the 2 line in a different region. Being a 2 or even a 3 in Baylor’s or San Diego State’s region looks like a more manageable.