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Kentucky vs. Michigan in London is still on for next season

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Kentucky vs Michigan is still on in London despite COVID-19 outbreak.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

With the cancelation of every sporting event in the U.S due to the Coronavirus outbreak, including college basketball and the NCAA tournament, there might be some good news to look forward to.

The Kentucky Wildcats vs Michigan Wolverines in London for next season is still planned and happening, according to a statement made by Basketball Hall of Fame President and CEO John Doleva:

“With many athletic events being postponed and canceled due to COVID-19, the Basketball Hall of Fame remains diligent in monitoring the situation and making decisions in the best interest of public health,” the release states. “At this time, we are moving forward with plans to host the inaugural London Showcase at The O2 in December 2020.”

“The health and safety of the players, fans and staff is of the utmost importance; we will continue to work and communicate with the four schools involved, and we will provide additional updates as needed.”

Now, obviously, things could change over the course of now until early December, especially if the COVID-19 outbreak worsens, which none of us hopes happens. If that happens, then cancelation of the game is the obvious and right choice, but as of now, we are still on.

Kentucky vs Michigan will be the second game of a double-header for the first ever college basketball games played at the O2 Arena, with the first game being Marist vs UMBC.