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Kentucky Dad Podcast with Big Blue Drew debuts first episode with TJ Beisner

TJ Beisner joined our first show, and you won’t want to miss it.

TJ Beisner

Exciting news!

A new show has been added to the SB Nation Sea of Blue podcast network. Considering that we have zero live sports available for consumption across the globe right now, a little out of the norm audio based content may be exactly what you need to keep the juices flowing.

The Kentucky Dad Podcast made launched the first episode on Monday with TJ Beisner from JMI Sports joining me as a guest.

The mission of the new show is to engage Kentucky sports figures in discussions relating to their own parenthood experiences.

The good, the bad, and the ugly will all be welcomed topics, and of course, there will be some knee-slapping Dad Jokes along the way.

“Why can’t basketball players go on vacation?”

“They aren’t allowed to travel.”

(slaps knee)

If you’ve ever listened to the CatsBy90 Podcast hosted by myself and Aaron Gershon then you know it covers more timely UK Athletics happenings on a weekly basis.

I’m sure there will be plenty of sports crossover along the way but The Kentucky Podcast will focus more on the individual guest and how they manage their work-life balance while being a parent.

This is an idea that I’ve had for a long-time and I have received positive feedback about its potential moving forward. I already have commitments from some of your favorite UK sports personalities to join me as guests, even my own Dad plans to make an appearance!

Please interact with the Twitter account, @KentuckyDadPod, and let me know if there is someone specific that you would like to hear from.

Episode 1 had some technical difficulties (blah) but ultimately produced some extremely captivating content with one of the most connected people to the Kentucky basketball program.

TJ Beisner officially has a management type title with JMI Sports but his Twitter account says that he does whatever his wife and Coach Calipari tell him to do, in that order.

Not only did TJ take the time to jump on the new show but he even declined a call from Coach Calipari while we were recording!

Throughout the episode he shares stories about his own personal childhood experiences and how they made him the parent that he is today. If you don’t already know, TJ’s son plays football for UK and it took one hell of a journey for him to get there. The story of Tyler Beisner is powerful and worth your time to tune in.

We also briefly touch on the famous Beisner Family nerf gun wars!

Thanks to TJ Beisner for being the very first guest on the Kentucky Dad Podcast. He will absolutely be someone that we hope to get for future appearances on the show.

Make sure you are following him on Twitter @tjbeisner

You can listen to the Podcast by clicking the link below. Please subscribe and review on iTunes!

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