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A bearded Coach Cal checks in on the BBN

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He offered advice on how to stay productive and safe


Across the college basketball landscape, it’s fair to say that John Calipari has his fair share of critics, but absolutely nobody can argue the philanthropy efforts the Calipari family.

Time after time since his arrival in Lexington, Coach Cal has taken the reins to support all kinds of great causes. Whether it is hurricane relief or raising awareness for more local concerns here in the state of Kentucky he has created a culture of giving and helping your fellow man.

Instead of this past weekend bringing the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games, it brought stressful times with uncertain futures.

On Sunday, Coach Cal took to Twitter to check-in on the Big Blue Nation and provide some advice for helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The two and a half minute video starts with an unshaven Calipari saying, “Well let’s just catch up, it’s been a couple weeks, we’ve all been at home, most of us have beards.”

After that he offered these few pieces of familiar but important advice:

  • -Washing your hands
  • -Staying at home
  • -Staying away from people
  • -Limiting face touching

On Saturday, Calipari also went on the SEC Network’s “SEC Network House Party” show with Laura Rutledge, Tim Tebow, Marcus Spears and Alyssa Lang.

During that interview, this is how he described life in the Calipari household during this social distancing period.

“We’ve all been in the house, ordering out as much as we can to do things there,” he said. “We’re trying to get involved with the community in different ways, reaching out. I’m reading a lot. I would suggest to everyone listening to get on a routine. Get up when you get up in the morning, whatever you do, get on a routine. Spend some time for you. Your family.

“We walk the dogs once or twice, try to keep everyone at a distance. My wife’s got me washing my hands 20 times a day, and she counts to 20. Like, us men, we [count fast], and we’re good. We shake it off and go. She’s counting to 20 seconds. If I go out, I’ve got to take my clothes off.

“The biggest thing is, it’s not [necessarily being] worried about me, it’s if I got it, I give it to someone else. I say that at my age, but you know, with this thing, we don’t know where it’s going. We don’t know how long. My hope is everyone is overreacting and we’re out of this shortly, but no one knows.”

This is a tough situation for everybody so it’s great to hear influential people come out and give some insight into how they are respecting the requests of public officials.