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5 Wildcats have already put their name into NBA Draft, per John Calipari

Five Wildcats will be testing the waters for the NBA Draft, with some still having to make decisions.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With another off-season, comes another game of ‘who stays and who goes?’ This year, a handful of Kentucky Wildcats have decisions to make, with only two knowing what they for sure should do.

Tyrese Maxey, Nick Richards, Ashton Hagans, Immanuel Quickley, and EJ Montgomery all have to decide if they’ll throw their name into the draft process, despite no NBA Combine, and no way for teams to work out players.

But according to John Calipari, apparently there have been “five of them that have put their name in the draft.”

During an SEC Network online party yesterday, Calipari said that five players had already entered their names into the draft process:

“What we did, before they left, I had individual meetings with each player and I had the staff in there,” Calipari said. “I wanted everybody to hear it together individually with my staff. Then we just did a Zoom call yesterday with my entire team to try to keep touching base with them, but the reality of it was five of them have put their name in the draft.”

On Tuesday, Calipari said during his Zoom press conference, that he would expect “four or five guys” to enter their name and test the waters. Now it appears that those four or five have already entered their names.

No names were let out, but it has to be the five of Maxey, Richards, Hagans, Quickley, and Montgomery, with Quickley and Montgomery still having to make some crucial decisions on whether to stay or go.

Calipari and staff have pitched the idea of Quickley coming back to run point guard for next season’s squad, and Montgomery saw just this past year from Nick Richards what an extra year and some more development can do for your draft stock.