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Could college football games be played in summer?

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Well there’s an idea

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The sports world across the globe is dead right now. Nonexistent.

All that’s left to do is speculate on when they might return.

We already know that winter and spring sports are toast, along the with 2020 Summer Olympics being postponed. It’s a terrible shame for all athletes and fans involved but it’s also a sobering reminder of what’s necessary to slow to spread of the Coronavirus.

Now, all attention becomes focused on these critical next few months heading into fall and hopes that it may produce the return of American sports, specifically football.

This week, discussion began to circulate that there is a real possibility that the NFL doesn’t adhere to their normal schedule, possibly even canceling the season all together. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit recently stated that he wasn’t optimistic football would be played at all this year, which really riled up fans around the country.

An interesting option has been presented that the NCAA could possibly adopt as a solution to resume competition. Michael Smith of Sports Business Journal reports that warmer weather could provide an opportunity to play games throughout the summer in July, August and September. With the thought process being that higher temps in the US could slow the spread of COVID-19 and open a window for games to be played.

In that quickly approaching scenario you’d have to assume that fans wouldn’t be allowed to flood into cramped stadiums by the tens of thousands.

I have to admit, the idea of playing games sooner rather than later doesn’t exactly hold much merit with me. But no one is going to fault any organization for looking at all options to bring back college football Saturdays. Things are changing by the day so exhausting all options for various updates is wise.

The notion that the Kentucky football season could be terminated is devastating. Fortunately there is still some time for developments in a very fluid situation.

Mark Stoops had this to say on Friday’s teleconference “We’re going to continue to work and prepare to play that opening game. That’s where my mindset is. To say it hasn’t crossed my mind or I don’t think about it, that’s a lie.”

UK is set to open the season by hosting Eastern Michigan on September 5th at Kroger Field.