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Kentucky at No. 7 in Torvik model preseason basketball predictions

The computer-generated results aren’t quite as high on Kentucky as others. What’s new?

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Analysts and computers alike are already looking ahead to next basketball season after this one was cut short. Most are pretty high on the Kentucky Wildcats, but the Torvik model is the lowest projection yet.

According to 247 Sports, the Torvik model uses its own T-Rank formula to analytically rank the teams based on who they assume will leave and return.

As for Kentucky? Well, they came in at No. 7 in Torvik’s model.

Don’t get me wrong, a top-10 ranking is always nice, but this one seems a bit lower than the other way-too-early preseason rankings out there.

Here’s what 247Sports had to say about the Cats.

“Time will tell when it comes to John Calipari’s top players and the NBA Draft. Regardless of who leaves, Kentucky will be one of the favorites again in the SEC. Why? Kentucky has the No. 1 recruiting class in the 2020 class, according to the 247Sports Composite. Three of the nation’s top 25 guards are bound for Lexington in Terrence Clarke, BJ Boston and Devin Askew.”

Interestingly enough, the Torvik model is assuming that Nick Richards, EJ Montgomery, Keion Brooks, and Johnny Juzang will return, while Ashton Hagans and Immanuel Quickley will not.

Kentucky would actually probably be in a better position if Richards returned, rather than the other two, simply because they’re already so loaded at the guard/wing positions and they’re a bit thin up front.

Regardless, the Cats will take as many back as want to return, as it’s not a common occurrence in Lexington, despite the fact that it usually works out pretty well.

The teams ahead of Kentucky in the rankings are the Gonzaga Bulldogs, Virginia Cavaliers, Baylor Bears, Creighton Blue Jays, Texas Longhorns (really?), and Wisconsin Badgers.

It’s always fun to check out these super early rankings in March, but there are a lot of NBA Draft decisions left to be made before we can really take much from these.

No matter what, I’m sure Kentucky will be in pretty good shape.

You can view the rest of the rankings here.