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John Calipari shares concerns over the NBA pre-draft process

The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown a wrench into the pre-draft process this year, making it quite difficult for players to show off their skills.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA pre-draft process in serious limbo, players and coaches don’t know what, or how, anything will happen when it comes to the NBA Draft and process.

John Calipari also does not know what will happen when it comes time for the draft process. Calipari expects four or five Kentucky Wildcats players to test the waters, but he also expressed concern over them choosing the process during a Tuesday teleconference.

“My worry is for guys working out right now. If they spend two months and don’t do anything, and then try to go workout for an NBA team, it ain’t gonna work for them,” Calipari said. “There are no gyms. There are no health clubs. Unless they have a gym in their house — none of them do. Unless they have a health area, workout area within their home — none of them do.

“How are we doing this? My worry is more about that. We’re getting information to the kids. I have not done a group call, mainly because I have more questions than I have answers for them right now. Most of the stuff I’m doing is texting to stay in touch.”

Calipari also called for the NBA to push back the Early Entry Eligibility Withdrawal Deadline, which is currently June 15, if they ultimately postpone the NBA Combine and draft.

There are five players, mainly two, that Kentucky fans need to keep tabs on during the draft process. Tyrese Maxey, Ashton Hagans, and Nick Richards are all (almost certainly) gone. Immanuel Quickley and EJ Montgomery have decisions to make.

With the NBA not being able to do in-person workouts, they will only be able to draft based on college tape alone. That could bode well for Quickley, but it probably would not be good for Montgomery.

Both players have big decisions to make, and EJ could certainly fill the role of Nick Richards for next season’s team, while Quickley could become one of the best players in all of college hoops, as well as a Player of the Year award candidate.