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Concern growing for 2020 college football season

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There are growing concerns that the 2020 season could be delayed or even canceled.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 LSU at Mississippi State Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats were geared up for a deep run in March before the NCAA Tournament was abruptly canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, while the football team was preparing for an SEC East title run, there are growing concerns that the season may be in jeopardy.

According to SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum, there is a real possibility that the season could be canceled.

“I believe they’re very concerned, Jim, and I think there’s a hope that the season will get underway, I just don’t know in what shape or form,” Finebaum said during Monday’s appearance on WJOX 94.5 FM.

The reason being that the preparation for the football season is being delayed during the Coronavirus pandemic. Teams aren’t able to properly train and get ready for the season.

“Football is, you know, is April, it’s March and April, it’s July, it’s every month, really, under the sun. And I think that’s what, from a sports standpoint, I think that’s really what we’re focusing on. And I just think it’s impossible to tell.”

While Finebaum expects most athletic departments to be prepared for simply difficulty in getting the season underway, he does believe that most aren’t yet considering a shortened, or canceled, season.

While that may have been true a few days ago, some coaches, like North Carolina Tar Heels coach Mack Brown, are cognizant of the threat the virus poses.

“Coaches really have no clue,” Brown said on a teleconference Monday of the 2020 season. “There is a fear of ‘would we have a season?’ ‘Would we have a partial season?’ ‘What does a partial season mean?’ There is a great concern because of the remedy that comes in with football.”

There’s also this from college football reporter Matt Hayes:

Obviously, there are much greater concerns than sports right now during this global pandemic, but the economic ramifications of these postponements and/or cancellations could be felt for years to come.