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The Big 3 to host quarantine basketball tournament

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The league once traveled to Lexington, Kentucky.

BIG3 - Championship Photo by Meg Oliphant/BIG3 via Getty Images

Although it had its skeptics at first, the Big 3, a three-on-three NBA league founded by celebrity basketball fan Ice Cube, is returning to the hardwood. This time, not in their usual season, the league is planning to host a tournament.

This tournament has one main goal: quench the thirst for basketball.

With the NBA being suspended due to Covid-19, better know as Coronavirus, fans haven’t been able to see new content and likely won’t see the teams resume play till later May or early June at the earliest.

That said, Ice Cube is looking to fill their void, and this is how.

“The Big 3 plans to launch a quarantined, reality show-style three-on-three tournament in April to help curb the nation’s appetite for basketball in the aftermath of the coronavirus sports hiatus, league sources told Yahoo Sports,” Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports wrote.

It’s quite the interesting idea. While it must do done write to ensure the safety of the players and those assisting, the live coverage should be eaten up by those basketball fans just seeking entertainment.

With former NBA stars like Joe Johnson in the league, the right players could make this tournament a smashing success. It could also lead the way for future out-of-season tournaments like this.

The Big 3, which was held in Lexington one weekend in 2017, will base this event in Los Angeles. Without knowing the full extent of the virus, it’s difficult to gauge whether this proposal will 100% be followed through with or not.

At the end of the day, the market for content, especially right now, its there, and if executed correctly, expect millions of eyes to be watching Ice Cube’s league.