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HBO film about college basketball scandal “The Scheme” will be available soon

The documentary is set to release on March 31st.

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In just a few weeks, the general public will be provided some additional juicy details in regards to the college basketball scandal that has dominated news headlines over the last 18 months.

HBO has produced a documentary called “The Scheme” that will be released on Mach 31st, the doc will feature some old information and some new.

Unsurprisingly, two of the people heavily involved in the movie will be the Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller and LSU Tigers coach Will Wade. Both coaches were marred with criticism when details first began to break about pay-for-play schemes.

The most fascinating thing about this entire situation may just be that both Sean Miller and Will Wade are both still in position at their respective programs. When rumors were first emerging, especially those that indicated wire tap proof of wrongdoing, it seemed probable that all head coaches involved would be terminated. That hasn’t happened.

Convicted felon Christian Dawkins is also a focal point in the film and shares the ins and outs of what exactly happened. Dawkins gives his opinion on the morality of the issue and he also produced a great one-liner that really sums up his wholistic feelings on the topic.

“I want to be very clear with this, any coach who offers to pay a player, in my opinion, is a good guy.” Dawkins said.

Even though many of these comments were previously reported by Yahoo Sports there is no doubt that it will be intriguing to hear these wire taps for yourself.

In one exchange, Will Wade is clearly speaking to Dawkins about LSU’s ability to pay a player more than the D League and outlines an offer that was made to Javonte Smart.

Sean Miller on the other hand was much more calculated in his conversations with Christian Dawkins. There isn’t a real “gotcha moment” like you could argue there was with Will Wade.

Clearly Miller knows how to play the game and avoided saying anything that could incriminate himself or the University of Arizona.

With no real sports to watch having something like this documentary released in the month of March will at least provide college basketball junkies something to focus their attention on for a few hours.