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Rick Pitino wants to schedule Kentucky, but not Louisville

Another Cal/Rick matchup would be fun.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Michigan vs Louisville Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino is back in college basketball as the new head coach of the Iona Gaels. He was on the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning and talked about a game he wants on the schedule.

“I may schedule, if John — I spoke to Cal, he was nice enough to call me. I would love to schedule Kentucky in the Garden in the Jimmy V Classic. I think that would be a great draw and that would be exciting to see, and I hope John would entertain that.”

Before scheduling Kentucky was brought up, Dan asked Pitino if he was planning on scheduling Louisville.

“No,” Pitino said immediately. “How quick was that answer?”

Despite his quick response, Dan later suggested a four-team event that included three teams that Pitino took to the Final Four in Kentucky, Louisville, Providence and his new home of Iona.

Once again, Pitino responded by taking out the Cardinals.

“How about we have Kentucky, Providence, Iona and St John’s?”

I think that a Kentucky/Iona game needs to happen, because the rivalry between Cal and Rick was intense while he was at Louisville. That would be a coaching matchup that would have Kentucky fans excited as well as the college basketball world.

You can watch the interview below by skipping to the 1:33:30 mark. The Kentucky and Louisville talks begin around 1:41:00.