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Out of 115 coaches polled, not one thought UK could have won NCAA Title

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Fair or foul?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Utah Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats were playing their best basketball of the year towards the end of the season, minus a bump in the road against Tennessee and the Ashton Hagans debacle. They also had a legitimate shot at making a Final Four run and possibly even cutting down the nets in Atlanta.

Evans Daniels of 247 Sports polled 115 college coaches on who they thought had the best chance to win it all this season, if the tournament had not been canceled. Kansas led the way with 49 votes, as you would expect, Dayton and Gonzaga followed behind the Jayhawks.

Kentucky finished with zero votes. And to make matters worse, schools such as Houston, Auburn, Creighton, USC, Butler, Villanova, and Virginia picked up at least one vote.

I mean, I understand that Kentucky winning it all is just as slim as it is every year, the tournament is random. But zero votes while schools like Auburn and Houston got one?

Come on.