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John Calipari speaks on the abrupt end to coaching this Kentucky team

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Coach Cal speaks on the end of the season and the team.

John Calipari, Tyrese Maxey, Nate Sestina, huddle Greg Goins - Sea of Blue

The college basketball season ended in a way that nobody wanted to see it end, but ultimately, it had to. That means we didn’t get to see this team reach the heights that they were capable of, and the season leaves a very sad and sour taste in our mouths.

John Calipari took to Twitter today to express his sadness over the canceling of the NCAA Tournament and the end of the Kentucky Wildcats’ season:

It kind of hit me this morning that my time to have an impact on the young people on this team is done. We were told yesterday that the athletic facilities were being shut down and that we cannot have in-person contact with any player or the team until April 15.

The meetings, the practices, the individual times, giving them books to read, talking about things other than basketball, etc. – it’s over for the immediate future. The reality of that hit today.

It’s a difficult situation as a coach and as a leader of these young men, but I do understand it and I accept it as a part of this world that needs us to take caution for the greater good and health of this world. Doesn’t mean it’s not tough for all of us.

Don’t get me wrong, we will stay connected with the kids. We will still text and talk over the phone and give these kids guidance. It’s just not seeing my guys every day that is going to hurt for a while.

If we’ve done our jobs and their families have done their jobs, our kids will continue to make good decisions. My hope is we’ve set a great foundation for their future success. Hope everyone is staying safe out there and listening to the advisories of our nation’s leaders.

Well said, Cal. Stay safe, everyone.