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SEC bans all activities and events for member schools

Everything. Is. Canceled.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Once the first domino fell, it started to become clear that athletic gatherings would be going away for a while. Still, there were some activities that schools were open to still have available back on their campuses. But in an attempt to completely remove liability from spreading COVID-19, the SEC has suspended athletic events and meetings of every time for over a month.

In an official statement that was posted to Twitter, the official conference account said, “The SEC today announced that all organized team activities, including competitions, team and individual practices, meetings and other organized gatherings, will be suspended through April 15.”

Of note, that includes no activities for track, baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, and spring football. Kentucky’s Blue-White Game was scheduled for April 11th, which was the same weekend as almost every other program’s spring scrimmage, but since those events fall into that suspension window that will be canceled.

Thankfully, the NCAA is saying that they plan to give all athletes in spring sports another year of eligibility. Of course, there is a lot to figure out (finances, scholarship limits, etc.) before that becomes a reality. But that is a great first step.

One big way this hurts Kentucky basketball is that John Calipari had planned to have his guys with NBA Draft hopes work out with Kentucky’s staff during their off time. According to this new announcement, any kind of individual or team instruction is not permitted. It is unclear how all of this will impact player decisions, but you have to think the lack of normalcy during the pre-draft process will have a major impact on some.

Another note about all of this is that the NCAA Division I basketball recruiting window opens back up on April 17th. Could these regulations be lifted just in time for Coach Cal to go and lock down another player or two for 2020? Or will we see all of these cancellations continue into the summer?