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Danny Trevathan gets 3-year contract extension

Finally, some good news.

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It was great to finally get at least a tid bit of good news late this week.

Former Kentucky linebacker Danny Trevathan has locked up a new deal with the Chicago Bears. The three-year contract is reported by Ian Rapoport to be in the neighborhood of $22 million dollars with a maximum potential salary of $24 million after bonuses. Even better, 14 million of that is guaranteed. What a pay day for the former Cat who will now be in his ninth season.

He spent four years in Denver before joining the Bears in 2016. So far in his career he has racked up 427 solo tackles to go along with nine sacks. Clearly the Bears organization has faith that Trevathan will continue to be an anchor for their defense who was considered to be top five in the National Football League in 2019. He has a played a major role in the success that Chicago has seen over the past few years. When fully healthy many people feel that he’s a complete game-changer.

A $20+ million dollar deal isn’t bad for a guy who was only a two-star prospect coming out of high school. Trevathan is one of the better examples of the University of Kentucky developing talent that’s ready for the next level. Top recruits are continuing to see the success that former Kentucky Wildcats are having in the NFL, and it’s paying off for Mark Stoops and his staff.

It’s great to hear this news about Danny Trevathan cashing in on a pay day considering all of the drama that surrounds the world right now. Pretty much all football operations have been suspended for the next several weeks with no line of sight to when things might pick back up.

It’s going to be a long few months waiting for football to come back, but it will be glorious when it does. Now the Big blue Nation knows that they can tune in on Sundays to watch Danny Trevathan play for one of the best defenses in the NFL.