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Friday Quickies: Life Without Sports Edition

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As a result of the coronavirus, we’re entering uncharted waters.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As of Thursday afternoon, the entire sports world has entered a phase it has never experienced.

All conference tournaments, as well as the NCAA Tournament, have been canceled. The NBA regular season has been suspended for at least 30 days. The NHL regular season has also been suspended.

MLB spring training has been canceled and the start of the regular season has been delayed a minimum of two weeks. The NFL is moving back their annual meeting and the XFL has canceled the remainder of their regular season.

This has all escalated in recent days and most certainly caught the sports world by surprise. Many, if not all, are in shock and unsure of what is truly to come. This weekend, there won’t be a SEC Tournament.

Next week, the NCAA Tournament will not begin. In-between what would have been the two tournaments, there won’t be any NBA or NHL games.

It’s a territory many aren’t sure the sports society has ever entered. Countless of collegiate athletes could have very well just seen their college career come to an end. Many employees of arenas and stadiums now face the horror of not being able to go to work.

While it’s an unfathomable situation, it’s also necessary. We as a society need to be fully prepared to contain COVID-19 and canceling/suspending sports is a necessary act. Of course, it’s going to be weird not turning your television to TNT for March Madness.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a single day without a sporting event. But, again, COVID-19 is a virus that needs to be handled properly.

So wash your hands, be mentally prepared for what’s to come and remember that people’s health and safety is the ultimate priority.

Tweet of the Day

Finally some good news as the former Wildcat secures financial security.


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There will be no March Madness in 2020.

Calipari reacts to cancellation of NCAA Tournament - Cats Illustrated

“It had to be done.”

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The Wildcats’ coach believes his team could have brought home banner #9 this spring.

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SEC sports are sidelined through the end of the month.

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This will certainly play a role in this year’s postseason, the NBA Draft and free agency.

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Will baseball have to extend the delay of their regular season?

XFL cancels regular-season games, ‘committed’ to playing in 2021 - ESPN

Another league that is now moving on to 2021.

Kevin Love kicks off support drive for arena workers with $100K pledge - ESPN

Such a class act by the Cleveland Cavalier.

UPDATE: Boys’ & Girls’ Sweet 16s Suspended Indefinitely - YourSportsEdge

With the end of collegiate basketball tournaments, will high schools ultimately follow suit?

Jazz center Rudy Gobert apologizes for ‘careless’ actions - ESPN

Former Louisville Cardinal Donovan Mitchell, Gobert’s teammate, has also been infected.