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Twitter reactions to cancelation of the NCAA Tournament and spring sports

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The NCAA Tournament and College World Series are among the events canceled.

The college basketball season has officially come to an end, as the Coronavirus has caused the NCAA to cancel the NCAA Tournament over concerns of the virus.

This comes just one day after it was announced that the event would be played without spectators in the stands, which then just snowballed to the conclusion that we have now.

It’s unfortunate, especially for any senior on a potential NCAA tournament team, including the Kentucky Wildcats’ own Nate Sestina.

Hopefully, all will be well by the time next college basketball season rolls around and we can look back on this time as one of the more historical events that we’ve seen happen.

But this wasn’t the only thing to be canceled. The NCAA has also decided to cancel all spring sports, which include college baseball and softball. That means no College World Series later this summer, which is just brutal as the season isn’t even halfway over.

Here’s what social media had to say: