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Thursday Quickies: Coronavirus Concerns Edition

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The sports world is making changes at a rapid pace as concern about the pandemic grows

Things have been changing rapidly as the sports world responds to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak in the United States.

Yesterday came news that the NCAA Tournament would not allow the general public to attend tournament games and after last night’s SEC Tournament games, the rest of the games would be played under the same circumstances with only essential staff, credentialed media, and player families allowed to be in the arena.

But one of the major game-changers came in the NBA last night that will send shockwaves throughout the sports world. After Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, the league decided they would suspend the rest of the season until further notice.

With that, other sports leagues like the NHL began looking into options and in all reality, it seems like we are looking at a scenario where it is likely that the NCAA decides to postpone or cancel the NCAA Tournament. Postponing would be almost impossible schedule-wise, so a cancellation would be most likely of those two options, effectively ending the college basketball season.

The idea of the NCAA Tournament being played without fans in the arena was weird enough, but not having the tournament in March would end up being very weird also and a huge bummer for all of us in the BBN and college basketball fans everywhere.

Regardless, nothing is set in stone yet, but as quickly as news is being announced and changes are being made, we’ll keep you updated here on this rapidly evolving issue.

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