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NCAA Tournament committee reveals top 16 seed as of now

The committee reveals what the top of the NCAA Tournament bracket would look like if the Big Dance began today.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-St. Louis Practice Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 NCAA Tournament is set to begin in March, but for the first time, the selection committee is offering an early peek at how things stand on with a look at the top 16 seeds.

On Saturday at 12:30 p.m. on CBS, the tournament committee revealed their current top 16 seeds, and the Kentucky Wildcats did not make the cut. The final spot actually went to Michigan State, who has seven losses and lost to the Cats in the Champions Classic.

The committee did reveal that Iowa, Kentucky and LSU were the three teams that received the most conversation for being included in the top 16 that didn’t make it, so that probably means the Cats are a 5 seed if the Big Dance began today.

Based on these current projections and assuming a few teams lose down the stretch, UK can probably afford 1-2 more losses and still get a 4 seed with an outside shot at a 3. If they win out and enough teams lose, a 2 seed is not impossible.

Thankfully, UK still has plenty of time to move up before Selection Sunday, and that starts today with a big road game at Tennessee today.

In the three previous editions of the in-season bracket reveal, Kentucky made the top 16 teams twice, the first bring in 2017 when they were projected as a 3 seed before ultimately becoming a 2 seed in the Big Dance.

Last year, the Cats came in as a 2 seed, which was ultimately their seed in the real thing. They did not make the top 16 teams in the 2018 reveal and also failed to secure a top-four seed in the NCAA Tournament, so these bracket reveals have been rather telling of Kentucky’s ultimate postseason seed.

The top four seeds in the reveal were Baylor, Kansas, Gonzaga and San Diego State.