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Knicks hire guys with connections to John Calipari

Calipari has major connections to both Knicks hires.

Calipari Sea of Blue

The New York Knicks have found their two guys who they believe will be the ones to right the ship, and they both have heavy connections to John Calipari.

William Wesley, aka ‘World Wide Wes,’ and agent Leon Rose are reportedly set to be hired by the Knicks to be the top two decision makers for the franchise.

We all know of World Wide Wes, as he has been seen court-side at many Kentucky Wildcats games over the past ten years, including the Louisville game this season. Calipari and Wesley have a connection and Cal even said that Wesley was an “ambassador to the program” back in Memphis days.

Sounds like we’re about to endure a tenth straight year of ‘Calipari to the NBA rumors,’ no matter how many contracts or pay raises he gets.

Leon Rose is one the top agents in the NBA , but most importantly to two of the younger stars in the league - Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns, two former Wildcats and best friends.

The timing of the hiring is not coincidental, as Towns has recently voiced his displeasure with the direction the Timberwolves’ franchise is heading, and Booker, who finally has a decent team, still cannot get Phoenix trending in the right direction.

The Knicks are looking to make a big splash in the next couple of free-agency’s, so Booker, Towns, and maybe even D’Angelo Russell could all three, potentially end up in New York. It could be appealing to Calipari to consider it.