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Kentucky drops in updated Bracketology

How about two trips to New York?

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats are fresh off their loss to Auburn in a tough road environment. But what did that loss do to the Cats in the latest ESPN Bracketology?

On Friday, the Cats were sitting as a 4 seed in the South Region with the Baylor Bears as the 1 seed and the Duke Blue Devils as the 2 seed.

However, after the loss to Auburn, the Cats have now dropped off the 4 line and are now projected as a 5 seed in the East region with Gonzaga as the 1 seed.

The other projected 1 seeds include Baylor, Kansas, and San Diego State.

The Cats’ first and second round game would take place in Albany, New York. If they survive the first weekend, the Cats would then return to New York for the second weekend.

If the Cats had to play the highest seed each round, here is how their path to the Final Four would look:

  • Round of 64: Yale
  • Round of 32: Villanova
  • Sweet 16: Gonzaga
  • Elite Eight: Duke

You can see the full Bracketology here.

How do feel about Kentucky’s current projection?