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Where the Wildcats stand in new college hoops rankings

The needle did not move that much after Saturday’s loss.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

If you ask any member of Big Blue Nation how they feel about this basketball season, there is a 50/50 chance they will tell you the sky is falling.

Listen folks, the Kentucky Wildcats lost to a top 20 team on the road. In the world of logical basketball expectations, that is not completely unacceptable.

While a drop in the rankings is certainly expected after any loss in February, this is not a “drop out of the top 25” situation. And it’s doubtful that their tournament seed will be impacted much at all by the loss.

In fact, Kentucky only dropped two spots in the latest AP Top 25 Poll, which has the Wildcats at No. 15.

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports did drop the Wildcats four spots to No. 21 in his Top 25 and 1. But even in describing the change, he spoke more about Kentucky’s previous losses than the loss to Auburn Saturday.

“The Wildcats finished with 12 turnovers and just eight assists in Saturday’s 75-66 loss at Auburn,” Parrish wrote. “Four of Kentucky’s five losses are to currently unranked teams.”

Andy Katz’s Power 36 has Kentucky dropping one spot to No. 12.

The Wildcats dropped out of the ESPN College Basketball Power Rankings. However, fans should keep in mind that they were ranked No. 14 and that list only includes 16 teams. So they could have fallen as little as three spots and dropped off the list.

The NET Rankings show a drop to No. 27 for the Wildcats. Although it is important to remember that Kentucky has not cracked the top 20 on this list since the beginning of the season.