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Immanuel Quickley now on pair of NBA Draft big boards

And he’s not too far from first-round range in one.

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Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The rise of Immanuel Quickley has been a beautiful thing to watch, but it also means that we probably won’t see him for a junior season in Lexington.

Over the last few weeks, Quickley has been playing at a level that few, if any player in college basketball can match, and it’s landed him on an NBA Draft big board for the first time all season.

The latest big board from Sam Vecenie of The Athletic has Quickley checking in as the 40th-best prospect. He’s also now ahead of Ashton Hagans, who is ranked 45th, while Tyrese Maxey is ranked 10th. Nick Richards is ranked 54th.

There’s really no doubt Quickley is playing the best of the four, but he’s doing it as a shooting guard. At 6-3 and 187 pounds, Quickley is undersized for an NBA shooting guard, which is a big reason he’s not projected higher.

Even so, he’s playing at a level that can make up for his size deficiencies, and if he keeps it up, he can definitely sneak into the end of the first round by the time June’s NBA Draft arrives.

The Athletic isn’t the only big board with Quickley now making it. ESPN also updated their top 100 rankings today, and Quickley checked in at 60th overall, so they don’t think he’s a surefire draft pick just yet.

This same ranking has Maxey ranked 8th, Hagans 45th, and Richards 47th. Somehow, this actually has Kahlil Whitney ranked 74th, which makes it a tad suspect.