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Vince Marrow speaks on potential one-time penalty-free transfer

This would change college sports as we know it.

Greg Goins - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats have turned their football program from an SEC bottom-feeder to a true threat in the league.

With the 23rd best recruiting class in the nation this upcoming season, the Wildcats have transformed how and who they recruit, being able to target some of high school football most-touted prospects.

However, highly-skilled inbound talent is always susceptible to being unhappy with their role on a top team. For teams like Alabama and Ohio State, it’s even more terrifying if these big-time recruits can’t find their place.

That’s where the the Division 1 Transfer Waiver Working Group comes into play. They’re looking to make changes that would allow athletes a one-time waiver to play at their new university without penalty.

The Wildcats, who could see eligibility granted to Joey Gatewood, a top-50 recruit in the Class of 2018, would be on board with it for the short term.

However, the man partially behind Gatewood’s transfer, Vince Marrow, isn’t convinced the move would be good for the product and integrity of the game.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Nick Roush caught up with Marrow to discuss the potential rule change.

“I still have to look at that because I think it’s going to get kind of crazy. I’m all about player rights. I want you to understand that. I’m always going to be for the player. You know you see coaches move around, you see — that’s why I’m not leaving now. I couldn’t go into all them living rooms of all the kids I recruited… look at their families, look at their moms and dads — they ask, ‘You gonna be there?’ Yes, because in my heart I really believe I’m gonna be there. It’s the same thing with this free agency thing,” Marrow said.

The coaches wouldn’t have much security in their players staying long-term if this goes through, and any player that’s unhappy could instantly turn to the portal to create a scene and head elsewhere, potentially bringing a flock of players to big-time universities.

There are a million different ways this transfer could impact the NCAA, but we’ll save that breakdown for when and if it actually become a reality.