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Vince Marrow ready to battle Spartans in recruiting; details on new contract released

Marrow turned down the Spartans. Now, he’s ready to go to war with them.

Marrow Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

After receiving a contract offer from Michigan State last week, Vince Marrow decided to stay with the Kentucky Wildcats.

With that decision behind him, Marrow now understands that he hasn’t seen the last of Mel Tucker and the Spartans.

A lot went into Marrow turning down MSU’s contract offer. At a rate of $1.2 million a year over four years, that’s a big pay day for an assistant coach to turn away from.

Now, we know the details of Marrow’s new contract, which has been made available by the UK Office of Legal Counsel.

Marrow is set to make $900,000 annually through the 2022 season. The contract also includes potential bonuses for bowl games, an SEC Championship Game appearance, and a College Football Playoff berth.

When discussing his decision on KSR, Marrow told them that something he’d heard on their Friday show actually played a role in his process.

“I was on my way to finish a conversation with Mark (Stoops). My next meeting was going to be with him and just happened to be listening to your show and some guy, I don’t know if he lived in Lansing, but it had to be a sign. He was up there for business I think, and he started talking about how cold it was and just dreary and all of that. I’m not saying, but it really did spike my thoughts, like wow. Is this a sign?” Marrow said.

Marrow went on to compare it to how recruits must feel during the process of making their decisions and how anything can trigger a change of heart.

With a past relationship with Tucker as well, this was a lot for Marrow to turn down. With the conversations he did have with Tucker, though, he knows they’ll be seeing each other again soon on the recruiting trail.

“We’re probably going to be in some serious battles, because I know when we were talking, his main focus was he really wanted to get Ohio. That’s going to be some interesting battles coming up. Anybody that knows recruiting, when it comes to recruiting, I’m like a different person. I’m ready for it, looking forward to it but he is a friend and sometimes those things can get real messy,” Marrow said.

With Marrow officially set with Kentucky for the foreseeable future, the Wildcats can get back to the newfound success they’ve had over the last few seasons both on the field and with recruiting. Marrow has been a huge part of both, and it’s a welcome sight to see him stay in Lexington after everything he’s been offered to try and convince him to leave.

Be sure to listen to Marrow’s full interview with KSR.