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SEC Basketball Power Rankings for Week 16

For the second week in a row, we have a new #1

Jeremy Chisenhall - Sea of Blue

The race for the SEC crown is continuing to be very interesting, but Kentucky has emerged as the sole leader after losses by LSU and Auburn.

#1 Kentucky Wildcats (20-5,10-2)

Last week: #2

Record last week: 2-0

The Wildcats took care of business this week against two opponents that they should beat, even though they didn’t make it easy.

They started the week on the road at Vanderbilt and found themselves down by 9 at halftime. In the second half, they outscored the Commodores 51-28 to get the 78-64 win.

On Saturday, the Cats had their worst shooting night of the season against Ole Miss, but they countered that with excellent defense and grinded out a 67-62 win.

Now that they have taken care of business, they get ready for a very tough week that will go a long way in deciding if they win the league.

This week: @ LSU, vs Florida

#2 Auburn Tigers (22-3,9-3)

Last week: #1

Record last week: 1-1

The Tigers had two tough games that no one expected to be too challenging, and they even dropped one.

They started the week with a 95-91 win over Alabama in OT. However, they went on the road to Missouri and were dominated from start to finish in an 85-73 loss for Bruce Pearl’s bunch.

A week after taking over the #1 spot in the rankings, the Tigers have slipped already.

This week: @ Georgia, vs Tennessee

#3 LSU Tigers (18-7,9-3)

Last week: #3

Record last week: 1-1

The Tigers have been making a habit out of winning close grind it out games, but they couldn’t finish it off this week.

They did start the week with a win like that after they made a comeback to beat Missouri 82-78. But in their road trip to Alabama, they were not able to make the plays late and ended up with an 88-82 loss.

This week is a big one for the SEC race when they host the leader in the conference, then face another team contending for a top-four finish in the league.

This week: vs Kentucky, @ South Carolina

#4 South Carolina Gamecocks (16-9,8-4)

Last week: #5

Record last week: 2-0

South Carolina has been one of the most shocking teams this season and have found themselves moving up the rankings.

They started the week on the road against Georgia and dominated in a 75-59 win. They returned home to face Tennessee and were able to get a stop with 2 seconds remaining to hold on for the 63-61 win.

They will have a chance to make two big statements this week if they can go 2-0 again.

This week: @ Mississippi State, vs LSU

#5 Florida Gators (16-9,8-4)

Last week: #6

Record last week: 2-0

Even though they didn’t play against the toughest opponents, it was still a much-needed week of wins for the Gators.

They went on the road to Texas A&M to start the week and rolled to a 78-61 victory. They backed that up by rolling at home against Vanderbilt with a 84-66 victory.

This isn’t going to be an easy week for Florida, so it will be interesting to see how they come out of it.

This week: vs Arkansas, @ Kentucky

#6 Mississippi State Bulldogs (16-9,7-5)

Last week: #4

Record last week: 1-1

The Bulldogs haven’t been playing at the same level we saw earlier in the year, but they are still able to win in exciting ways.

They started the week with a horrible performance on the road as they lost to Ole Miss 83-58. They bounced back on the road at Arkansas when they got a tip in at the buzzer to win it 78-77.

The showing they had on Tuesday night it a big reason for the drop, and they now sit in 6th place in the conference standings.

This week: vs South Carolina, @ Texas A&M

#7 Alabama Crimson Tide (14-11,6-6)

Last week: #9

Record last week: 1-1

Alabama is a very dangerous team, and it showed this week when they faced two of the top teams in the SEC.

The week started at Auburn and they made multiple comebacks in that one to force OT and made another comeback in OT but fell short in a 95-91 loss. They bounced back by getting a huge win over LSU when they beat the Tigers 88-82.

Like I said, Alabama is a dangerous team that I wouldn’t want to face going forward.

This week: vs Texas A&M, @ Ole Miss

#8 Tennessee Volunteers (14-11,6-6)

Last week: #8

Record last week: 1-1

It was a week that got off to a great start for the Vols but didn’t end the way they wanted it to on the road.

The week started with a dominating 82-61 victory at home over Arkansas. They then had to make the trip to South Carolina and missed the game tying jumper at the buzzer in a 63-61 losing effort.

Saturday will be a big test for this Vols squad to see exactly what they are made of.

This week: vs Vanderbilt, @ Auburn

#9 Texas A&M Aggies (12-12,6-6)

Last week: #7

Record last week: 1-1

While the Aggies have been impressive this season by playing much better than everyone expected, they are starting to slip just a bit.

They started the week with a blowout home loss to Florida, 78-61. They were able to get back on the winning side of things when they won a close battle against Georgia, taking it 74-69.

This week will be big in their hopes of continuing their impressive season.

This week: @ Alabama, vs Mississippi State

#10 Ole Miss Rebels (13-12,4-8)

Last week: #11

Record last week: 1-1

Ole Miss is playing at a very high-level right now and you have to think that their record doesn’t represent the talent they have.

The week started with a blowout win over Mississippi State when they got the 83-58 victory. They then went to Lexington and put up a great performance against Kentucky, but in the end, it was the Cats that got the 67-62 win.

Ole Miss is a dangerous team now that they have figured things out, and they could have a big end to the regular season heading into the SEC Tournament.

This week: @ Missouri, vs Alabama

#11 Missouri Tigers (12-13,4-8)

Last week: #12

Record last week: 1-1

The Tigers are a team that is trending in the right direction in terms of their play.

They started the week with a loss in a game they should’ve won at LSU falling 82-78. They bounced back at home against Auburn when they led almost throughout and got the 85-73 victory.

Missouri will have two chances to build on this week and trying to get on a little winning streak.

This week: vs Ole Miss, @ Arkansas

#12 Arkansas Razorbacks (16-9,4-8)

Last week: #10

Record last week: 0-2

The Razorbacks are struggling right now as they are without one of their best players due to an injury, and it shows on the court.

Their week start with a blowout loss to Tennessee as they fell 82-61. They had their matchup with Mississippi State won, but the Bulldogs got a tip in at the buzzer to get the 78-77 win.

I completely believe that once they get healthy, the Razorbacks will get back on track and start climbing the rankings.

This week: @ Florida, vs Missouri

#13 Georgia Bulldogs (12-13,2-10)

Last week: #13

Record last week: 0-2

Another week full of losses for the Bulldogs, as they now extend their losing streak to four in a row.

The week started at home but resulted in a 75-59 loss to South Carolina. Then they had to go on the road, which is never easy in the SEC, and they lost to Texas A&M, 74-69.

This week includes a very difficult matchup for the struggling Bulldogs.

This week: vs Auburn, @ Vanderbilt

#14 Vanderbilt Commodores (9-16,1-11)

Last week: #14

Record last week: 0-2

The Commodores have now lost three in a row after their big upset win over LSU.

They started with a 78-64 home loss to Kentucky, and followed that with an 84-66 loss on the road against Florida.

Vanderbilt continues to hold on to last place in the SEC, but Georgia is making a push.

This week: @ Tennessee, vs Georgia