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One of John Calipari’s pals not joining Knicks after all

Good news for Kentucky.

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After the New York Knicks hired Leon Rose as their new team president, rumors quickly began to swirl about John Calipari potentially leaving Kentucky for Madison Square Garden. Calipari quickly stomped those rumors by saying he’d help Rose, but not as the Knicks’ head coach.

There was another layer to these rumors that came out, though, as William Wesley was reportedly joining Rose’s front office in New York. Wesley, a close friend of Calipari’s, would be yet another personal connection in New York for Coach Cal that could possibly add interest to the Knicks job.

On Tuesday night, though, The Athletic shot that idea down as they reported that Wesley would not be joining the Knicks front office in an official role. Shams Charania says in the report that a front office position would be there for him if interest was expressed, but “his other business ventures make a formal title unlikely.”

With a person as influential as Wesley in a role with the Knicks, that job may have started to look just a little bit better. When you connect the dots with Wesley, Rose and Calipari’s relationship, you could have even possibly seen a scenario where it could all work out for New York. Even if Wesley had gotten a job, Calipari leaving Kentucky for any pro job is still a pipe dream based on what he’s said in just the last week.

Nice try, New York, but it may be time to start looking elsewhere for your next head coach.