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Thursday Quickies: Vince Marrow Watch Edition

All eyes are on the Big Dog

As rumors emerged yesterday that Vince Marrow was being targeted to join Mel Tucker’s staff at Michigan State, the BBN has been on Vince Marrow Watch for a while, and it continues today to see if Marrow will stay in Lexington.

Marrow’s importance to what Mark Stoops has done at Kentucky during his tenure cannot be overstated. The program would not have grown the way it has without Vince Marrow in the picture. His ability to go into homes in Ohio, Michigan, etc. and convince these talented recruits to come to Kentucky has been incredible and the impact he has made since taking more of a role in recruiting in this state, particularly in the city of Louisville, has been critical to Kentucky’s success.

So with all that said, Marrow possibly departing would be devastating to the Kentucky Football program. Guys who can recruit like Marrow aren’t exactly common, and if he were to leave, Kentucky would undoubtedly see a dip in recruiting success on the heels of what might be the best class in the Stoops era. It certainly doesn’t help that Marrow would join Mel Tucker (already known as a strong recruiter) at a school that Kentucky battles with for many recruits in Ohio and Michigan.

If you ask me, Mitch Barnhart should be willing to match whatever offer Marrow is getting and prepare to make him one of the highest paid (if not the highest paid) non-coordinators in the SEC. He is someone you won’t be able to replace and his pay should reflect his value to the program, which is incredibly high.

Maybe we’ll see some news come out about Marrow today, and hopefully that news is that he is staying in Lexington.

Tweet of the Day

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