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Kentucky is the final 4 seed in Joe Lunardi’s updated bracket math

The Cats are barely holding on to a top-four seed according to Lunardi.

Mississippi State v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

On a three-game win streak, the Kentucky Wildcats are finally starting to hit their stride. Had a nine-point loss to Auburn not interrupted their previous win streak, the Wildcats would have tallied eight straight victories.

The Cats are currently sitting at 19-5 and 13-1 at home. They’re 9-2 in conference play after dropping a game to Auburn, a top SEC powerhouse, and a discouraging one to South Carolina.

Those two follow a disappointing loss to Evansville and then back-to-back losses to Ohio State and Utah. However, the Cats also have a plethora of top-tier wins over programs like Louisville and Texas Tech, making them one of the harder teams to project seed-wise for the NCAA Tournament.

Well, according to ESPN’s Joe Lunardi and his bracket math, they’re in the green, a group of teams “with tourney odds of +80 percent through games of Feb 12.”

As far as seeding goes, Lunardi has the Wildcats as the final 4 seed, joining Penn State, Villanova and Butler.

The Wildcats have all the attributes to win the national championship, yet at the same time, they could be in for a rude awakening if they don’t come ready to play at any point during the Big Dance, including against whoever their first opponent will be.

The Cats have struggled and thrived in almost every part of the game at times. They’ve struggled to shoot, to rebound, to defend, and to score on game, then look like one of the nation’s best doing so the next game.

Truly unpredictable, the Wildcats have just over a month to start preparing mentally for a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

For now, a 4th-seeded ranking seems, at the very least, fair for a team that has both quality wins and bad losses.

Where do you think Kentucky will be seeded when Selection Sunday comes around?