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Mark Stoops discusses offensive coordinator hiring process

“The nice thing is there’s a lot of people interested.”

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats concluded their season with a big a win over South Carolina this past Saturday. The Sunday after, the program chose to move on from Offensive Coordinator Eddie Gran.

There are plenty of reasons why this happened, but overall, it was time for a change. Now, the mission is to find a new OC that will be more aggressive.

During his weekly call-in show with Tom Leach, Stoops said he would take his time with the hire to make sure he lands the right person.

“Anything that’s out there. People are trying to get information. I’ll probably tell you this. If you hear any information out there, it’s probably not right, because I’m keeping it tight,” Stoops stated.

“The nice thing is there’s a lot of people interested. I have a lot of work to do. A lot of due diligence. We’re in here going through a lot of things on the phone and on paper today, digging into some people. Obviously I’ll get on the road and go out and visit with quite a few guys as well.”

Stoops and this program has always tried to keep everything in-house. So no surprise that they will keep this air tight considering how important of a decision this is.

This will be the fourth time the Cats are looking for a new OC under Mark Stoops. Not ideal, but considering that there will be a new QB next season, it’s pretty impeccable timing.

When Leach asked about a potential short-list from Stoops, he gave a very Stoops answer.

“Yeah, you always do,” Stoops said. “You always keep some guys, whether it be on a list or in the back of your mind. You know guys through the profession, so certainly you do. But also, once the news becomes public, you also see what opportunities present themselves. That’s something that is good as well, because new names may come in front of you.”

After a tough season dealing with COVID, the tragic loss of Coach Schlarman and the injury of Chris Oats, it will be an even tougher off-season for Stoops and the Cats. ‘

The early signing period for the 2021 class is eight days away, and the NCAA transfer portal should rev up soon with new names once more players’ seasons come to an end in the coming weeks.

For now, the Cats will focus on their potential bowl game and try to end this wild 2020 season on a good note.