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Needing a Bounce Back

Just how high can this team bounce back?

The SEC schedule is looming with the beginning of a new year this weekend. The 2020 version of the Kentucky Wildcats has limped out of the gate with a few good moments but mostly frustrating ones. The record is 1-6 and has been noted by most everyone who follows basketball, is the worst start for a Kentucky team since before World War I. Many have been writing the last lines, closing the file, and giving up on the prospects of this season. It is understandable, because there has been a lot wrong. Ah, but there have moments where there has been some things that are right.

These young Cats are talented. They have a couple of veterans who have transferred in who have the ability to play stronger. There is a skill set that occasionally flashes across the hardwood and reminds us of how they made it to Kentucky. And we have a coach who knows how to coach, develop, and work with highly talented players. So although many have decided that it is all but over, there still is some life in this basketball season.

However, it is an understatement to say this is “gut check” time. Every individual on the roster has to decide to own their performance to this point. Both in the practice gym and during the games. Our tendency is to only own our good moments, but this team has had a season full of bad in the first seven games and they are theirs.

As we move toward Mississippi State we will see if these players are willing to change what they have been doing, learn some good habits, and not allow the anxiety and struggle overtake them. In his book from years ago, Bounce Back, Coach Cal said it this way – “Determine what the best version of yourself looks like – and show it to everybody. Work to reach a point where you are empowered by your confidence, positive attitude, and flexibility.”

This season surely has not started like anyone would have hoped. But with conference play arriving this weekend, the skills, the habits, the confidence, the attitude, and the flexibility to become the best team they can be need to be put on display for Big Blue Nation to see… It doesn’t matter how far we are down, it matters how high we bounce back!

Who knows? Just maybe?....

It is time for a little bit of bounce! Go Big Blue!