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Saturday Quickies: Beat Louisville Edition

Please. Beat Louisville.

NCAA Basketball: Bluegrass Showcase-Richmond at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

I sincerely hope all of you out there had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday with your family and friends. I spent the day watching my kids play with their gifts while drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Now itś time for business. The Kentucky Wildcats have been through a tumultuous week after losing yet again to the North Carolina Tar Heels. CamŔon Fletcher was asked to leave the team for a bit because of a blow-up on the sideline. Terrence Clarke was in a boot this week but apparently he is good to go for today.

And then there is the entire 1-5 record thing. The Louisville Cardinals are on tap for today and the game is in their building which will have about 3,000 fans or so. John Calipari has made short work of the Cards during his tenure at Kentucky. But heś never needed a win against them like he does today. The fan base is fractured and the confidence level in this team is almost zero. If there is one thing to get people and the team back on board, itś a win. Especially a win against the Cardinals.

Tweets of the Day

Oh...OK. Pretty cocky, huh?


A must win game? | Lexington Herald Leader- Yes. Kentucky must win and continue the dominance over Louisville.

Kentucky vs. Louisville media picks | Courier-Journal- The media is split this year. On one hand the Cardinals look like the better team, on the other hand you have the history of the series.

Cam´Ron Fletcher set to rejoin the team | Cats Pause- Fletcherś mom says he is doing what he needs to get back on the team.

What did Kentucky need for Christmas | CBS- Itś pretty obvious what Kentucky needs the most but honestly they need more than just thing.

Cats Illustrated picks | Cats Illustrated- I like the confidence and I hope theyŕe correct.

Duke Women cancel season | ESPN- The womenś team has been on pause since December 16th and have decided to call in quits. Letś see if this is a trend or a one-off.

Alvin Kamara has historic night | Sporting News- Kamara scored six rushing touchdowns in the Saints win over the Vikings. If you had him in Fantasy then youŕe looking pretty good.

Iĺl be doing pregame and postgame for Kentucky vs. Louisville basketball today on ESPN 680. Check it out and be a part of the show.