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John Calipari praises Keion Brooks’ leadership

Brooks stepped up last Saturday to field questions from the media following an emotional game for Kentucky.

NCAA Basketball: Bluegrass Showcase-Richmond at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

After the disaster of a game that the Kentucky Wildcats put on show against North Carolina last Saturday, as well as some locker room turmoil afterward, Keion Brooks Jr. of all players was the one to field media questions following the loss.

At the time, it was a questioned moved. It was a criticized move, and fans were going after Calipari for sending Keion out to field questions in a game in which he didn’t play.

As it turns out, Brooks Jr. was the one to volunteer to field media questions, according to Calipari.

“I am so proud of what Keion Brooks did after that game. So the team in the locker room, you had tears, you had guys, it was hard because I think we all thought we were gonna win that game. And some guys played poorly, some guys didn’t play with the energy they needed to. And Keion walked out and said ‘Coach I’m gonna do the media and I said ‘well why are you gonna stand up there and take the bullets? You didn’t play’ He said ‘Coach they need me to do this and I need to show them what leadership is about.’ Oh my gosh was I proud.”

Good on Keion to stand up and volunteer to take questions for a game he didn’t play and to already be a veteran leader in his sophomore season. Keion has yet to touch the floor this season, but here’s hoping he’s back in time for conference play in a little under a week.

If Keion remains sidelined, I would love a junior season of Keion Brooks, as well. The potential for him is limitless, and I can see him following a PJ Washington route in his time at Kentucky.

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