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NCAA puts Florida and Dan Mullen on probation for recruiting violations

Dan Mullen will have a one-year show-cause penalty.

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA is putting the clamps on the Florida Gators for recruiting violations.

On Tuesday, the NCAA announced that Florida will have to serve a one-year probation and head coach Dan Mullen will have a one-year show-cause penalty.

Mullen apparently contacted and expressed interest in off-campus recruiting when it wasn’t allowed. High school players must, at the very least, be juniors. Mullen is accused of sending texts and having other attempts at recruiting athletes which weren’t named.

The Gators had the nation’s ninth-ranked football recruiting class come to Gainesville this past season. That said, Mullen is away of his mistakes and doesn’t appear to be fighting the violations, which clearly have solid backing.

“Even though this is an isolated matter, I’m still disappointed in the violations outlined in the report. We’re going to learn from our mistakes and I’m confident this won’t happen again. Most importantly, we’ll keep working for the benefit of our student athletes to make our program one our fans and University can be proud of,” Mullen said, according to CBS Sports.

Florida will have a one-year fine along with a one-year show case penalty for Mullen. A one-year probation and not being allowed to recruit players from the Seattle-area high school for a few seasons will also be enforced.