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Kentucky in danger of not playing in Gator Bowl?

That would be unfortunate.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue


Kentucky has now released a statement saying things are fine and the team is still on track to play in the Gator Bowl.


The Athletic reporter Kyle Tucker says that Kentucky is ‘good’ right now, so it appears there’s no real concern the bowl game is in jeopardy.

The Kentucky Wildcats are ‘currently’ set to play in the Gator Bowl vs. NC State.

However, there’s no guarantee the Cats or pretty much any non-playoff team will be able to play in their respective bowls due to the threat of COVID-19.

We’ve already seen Tennessee forced to drop out of the Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia due to the virus. South Carolina is also dropping out of its bowl due to COVID.

Is Kentucky in danger of having the same fate?

College football reporter Brandon Marcello seems to think that’s possible based on his most recent tweet.

Louisville Courier-Journal reporter Jon Hale says that there’s no issue right now, but because the Cats are taking some time off for Christmas, this will be something to monitor as they return to campus.

My guess is there’s some concern Kentucky players could contract the virus or come into contact with someone who has it while away from campus, which could put the bowl game in jeopardy.

Kentucky was getting hit hard by the virus over the final month of the season with dozens of players missing games, so they know good and well how the virus can wreak havoc within a program.

Still, it would be really unfortunate to see guys like Drake Jackson, Landon Young, Boogie Watson, Max Duffy, Terry Wilson, A.J. Rose and Brandin Echols not get to play one more game in a Kentucky uniform.

This will be something to monitor in the coming days as the Cats and Wolfpack won’t play until Jan. 2nd, so there’s still 11 days left before the Gator Bowl kicks off in Jacksonville.