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Calipari addresses emotional outbursts from Fletcher and Clarke

Both players were visibly upset in the final moments of Saturday’s loss to UNC


Let’s face it — Kentucky has been a disaster on the court for the majority of this young season. After falling to the Tar Heels the Cats find themselves at 1-5, which is their worst through six games in nearly 100 years.

Despite the trials and tribulations between the lines there was at least hopes that this group would stick together, trust the process and ultimately turn this thing around.

Instead of taking steps towards that goal, John Calipari’s players seemingly took steps backwards in Saturday’s loss to North Carolina in the CBS Sports Classic.

Struggling this much at a place like the University of Kentucky is bound to breed high-emotion.

You may have noticed some disturbing body-language on the Wildcat bench in the final minutes of the game.

Freshman forward Cam’Ron Fletcher was seen crying and visibly upset. Calipari later confirmed in was in fact due to his lack of playing time. Fletcher tallied only two minutes and recorded no stats.

“Again, you’ve got to accept your position on this team. Whatever minutes you get and Cam was mad he didn’t play more.” Calipari said.

“And I’m like, the guys in front of you are playing. And Lance played out of his mind. I thought Devin played better. So, you know. Cam came in and apologized after but they don’t understand that with four minutes to go we had a chance to win the game and you cop an attitude. It’s the immaturity of that.”

There was also an alarming issue concerning fellow freshman Terrence Clarke who appeared to leave the court prematurely after fouling out with just over a minute to play. However, Clarke returned to the bench before the game ended.

Clarke had showed signs of injuring his ankle during the game but nothing to prompt him walking off without his teammates.

It was later confirmed by multiple sources that Clarke did in fact remain on the bench with his teammates until the game was over.

Well either way — this isn’t good. Any of it.