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Where the Cats stand in the latest 247 Sports recruiting rankings

Daimion Collins cracks the top 10 in the new rankings.

UK Athletics

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the last two basketball games. The Kentucky Wildcats basketball team has looked on offense the way the football team has this season.

John Calipari has a team full of star rankings power and talent but, outside of Isaiah Jackson maybe, none of them look ready for the NBA. But as usual, many will go regardless if they’re actually ready or not.

So we look to next year to see who John Calipari has coming in to replace the guys that will bolt for the NBA or elsewhere.

In the latest 247 rankings, Kentucky had commitments from 10th-ranked Daimion Collins (PF), 30th-ranked Nolan Hickman (PG), and 40th-ranked Bryce Hopkins (PF). Hickman rose dramatically, while Hopkins has fallen a bit. Collins jumped up nine spots to track the top 10.

As for guys on the radar, sixth-ranked Hunter Sallis (PG) is still viewed as the likeliest remaining 2021 recruit to pick Kentucky, while third-ranked Jaden Hardy (CG) could wind up in the G-League, though Calipari is still in pursuit.

26th-ranked Efton Reid is someone Kentucky is still interested in, but he doesn’t have an offer yet. Perhaps Kentucky’s chances of getting him depend on how much of the current frontcourt players return next season.

The biggest riser of Kentucky’s recruits was 74th-ranked Brandin Podziemski, who climbed 210 spots. He already holds an offer from Kentucky and is regarded as a great shooter, something the Cats desperately need more of.

Overall, Kentucky has the third-ranked class behind the Michigan Wolverines and the Florida State Seminoles.

This current team has a VERY long way to go from what we have seen in their 1-2 start. And it’s been a stark reminder that not all five star talent is created equally. Hopefully Calipari hits on the next recruiting class on guys that are ready for college basketball right away.

And shooters... For the love of all that is holy, get some shooters.