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Kentucky’s record against every D-1 team (A)

This week. we look at teams starting with ‘A’ (Abilene Christian to Austin Peay).

Abilene Christian v Kentucky Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good afternoon, BBN! This basketball season I’m going to scour the hoops history books and each week examine Kentucky’s basketball records against every team in Division 1! Today we will start with the 19 teams that start with ‘A’. Let’s get started:

Also, these records only go back to 1949.

  • Abilene Christian (1-0)
  • Air Force (1-0)
  • Akron (1-0)
  • Alabama (86-30)
  • Alabama A&M (0-0)
  • UAB (3-3)
  • Alabama State (0-0)
  • Albany (1-0)
  • Alcorn State (1-0)
  • American (1-0)
  • Appalachian State (1-0)
  • Arizona (1-3)
  • Arizona State (5-0)
  • Arkansas (31-11)
  • Arkansas-Little Rock (0-0)
  • Arkansas-Pine Bluff (0-0)
  • Arkansas State (0-0)
  • Army (1-0)
  • Auburn (89-21)
  • Austin Peay (5-0)

Teams UK has winning record against: 11

Teams UK has even record against: 1

Teams UK has never played: 5

Teams UK has losing record against: 1

There’s a lot of interesting teams here. Their one-and-only meeting with Abilene came in the 2019 NCAA Tournament, when they soundly thumped them in a 2 vs 15 seed game. It’s interesting that they are 3-3 vs UAB, a team I saw beat 3-seed Iowa State in Louisville at the 2015 NCAAs. Apparently they lost to them twice in the tourney a few decades ago, and once in 2007 as well. They only evened their record against them one year ago yesterday (11/30/19). UK fans are well acquainted with Arizona, who defeated the ‘Cats in the 1997 title game and two other times as well. The ‘Cats’ buddies from the SEC, Alabama, Arkansas, and Auburn, have posed little trouble to them for a long time, except for that pesky Elite 8 loss to Auburn in 2019. Overall ‘A’ has been a pretty good letter for Kentucky, except for Arizona.

Tune in next week when I write about their record against teams that start with ‘B’. Until then, go ‘Cats!