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Bill Raftery believes the Cats have found their guy

While the Notre Dame game was a roller coaster, CBS announcer Bill Rafferty sees a way out of the struggle for the Cats.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Kentucky Arden Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It was an abysmal start to the Notre Dame game this past Saturday for the Kentucky Wildcats. They found themselves down 24 points in the first half.

Miraculously, they managed to come all the way back in the second half and bring the deficit to within one point before Oliver Sarr missed the game-winning bucket.

CBS Announcer Bill Raftery was on the call Saturday and he believes the Cats have found something, as reported by 247.

“One thing for Kentucky—they know where to go now, and that’s to [Olivier] Sarr down in that low box area,” Raftery said. “This kid, Olivier, is a talented performer. Give him the opportunities.”

Oliver Sarr shined under pressure on Saturday. He dropped 22 points on 11/16 shooting and was the main reason the Cats even had a chance at the end.

While Sarr was quick to put the blame on himself, his teammates were quicker to support him.

“They just told me that we didn’t lose on that shot and that I had to stay positive and that we’ll be fine,” Sarr said. “We’ll be alright.”

Sarr scored 12 points in the final 10 minutes of the game. Again, without his performance, there is no opportunity for the missed game-winner.

“Olivier took it hard but I’m like, ‘dude we’re not even in the game without you,’” Kentucky coach John Calipari said afterward. “We got all these guys that have no toughness, drive to the rim and just throw balls, I mean, you gave us a present and got us open threes because we were able to throw it to him.”

The Cats not only found their go-to man during this game, but they found a fight and will to win as a team.

Every player on the court contributed in some way, and they look to bring that to their next game against the UCLA Bruins on Saturday, December 19th.